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  • Gwen Diaz

02 - God Fills Every Need

January 2 - Nº 2 Genesis 2:15-25

Genesis 2 re-tells the story of God’s creation in much more detail. This time the focus is on the man whom God formed out of the dust of the ground. God didn’t just speak him into existence (as He had done for the rest of His creation). He hand-crafted him and breathed into his lungs to give him life. Then God placed him in the middle of His extraordinary creation. Adam was God’s “magnum opus—His ultimate masterpiece. He was at the heart of God’s redemptive story. Immediately God assigned Adam a very important task. His job was to be the caretaker for the Garden of Eden. From the beginning of time, work had a special role in God’s design for human significance and happiness. Although the plants and trees supplied all the food that Adam could ever need (Genesis 1:29 and 2:16), he still had to cultivate the soil and harvest the food. However, there was one tree that was off limits. God’s command was very specific: “You must not eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, for when you eat from it you will certainly die.” Adam had a choice – whether or not to obey God’s command. This made him unique from all the other animals. He could interact with his Creator on a completely different level than any other animal. He could connect with Him spiritually. Adam had a soul! Obedience to this one command would indicate the level of his faith and desire to be in fellowship with God. He was far more than just a robot or a servant or another creature. Adam had so much to experience and enjoy in this new world, but he was alone. God knew this. However instead of creating a human companion, God gave Adam another job. Picture the crazy scene as, one species at a time, God led the birds and animals in front of Adam so that he could name them. Have you ever wondered why God gave him this task? Have you ever had a pet? If so, did you name it? What did the act of “naming” it signify? Whether you knew it or not, you were accepting responsibility for that creature. It was no longer a generic animal that had to take care of itself. You were indicating that you were accountable for its welfare. That’s what Adam was doing. He was accepting his role as caretaker for all the animals that lived in the Garden. But something else happened during that exercise. As clucking birds waddled in front of him, Adam named them—hens and roosters. Large mammals chewing their cuds became cows and bulls. They all seemed to come in pairs. I don’t think it was long before Adam glanced down the line hoping to find a creature that was uniquely designed to correspond with him. It probably didn’t take Adam long to realize how alone he was without an equal. That’s when God created the perfect partner for him (and from him). Adam was excited. Although he was now missing a rib, his new marriage partnership made him complete. He had a “soul”-mate. By creating Eve, God took care of every need that Adam had.

Is there something you feel is missing in your life? Are you learning to trust God to provide it for you, or are you trying to fill the emptiness yourself? Give God the opportunity to take care of you. He loves you and wants to fill all your needs.

2 - God Fills Every Need
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