About My Daily Briefing

Gwen & grandson JD

MDB was inspired after searching for a devotional when my oldest grandson, JD was turning 15. We wanted more than just a "thought-for-the-day-plus-a-verse". We wanted something that would help him understand and embrace the story of the Bible. We wanted God’s Word to make sense in his crazy, teenage world. And the idea was birthed!  My Daily Briefing: A Chronological Study Through the Bible

The 365 lessons start in Genesis and chronologically tells the story of the entire Bible. Each event is re-told in modern language and includes its historical and cultural context. The application at the end of each lesson encourages you to engage personally. The stories can be read one every day for a year or enjoyed as one continuous narrative. 

I was originally writing for JD and our other grandkids. However, along the way many friends - and friends of friends - heard about it and wanted to receive the lessons as I wrote them. The interest from my readers - across the country and from all different age groups - has prompted me to begin posting daily.  Our journey began January 1, you can subscribe to receive daily emails or follow the project on Facebook or Instagram.


About Gwen

Gwen’s first nine years of life were shaped by the delights and difficulties of being raised as a missionary kid in Nigeria, West Africa. Her next nine years were spent adapting to life in the United States and seeking to understand the faith she had been raised to accept.


While attending the University of Pennsylvania, she chose to abandon that faith. But God, in His great love and timing, sent a brand-new believer into her life whose enthusiasm and joy led her back to the Lord. (Ed and Gwen have now been married for forty-nine years!)


After graduating from college, Gwen spent several years working in the medical profession while she honed her writing skills and began her career as a mom. As her children grew, she authored a weekly newspaper column focusing on the humorous family issues and incidents that she and Ed encountered as they raised their four active sons. The popularity of her writing quickly led to featured articles in magazines and the publication of seven books. Gwen is also a gifted Bible teacher and women’s conference speaker. 

After thirty years with Search Ministries, Ed and Gwen founded 71:17 Ministries based on Psalm 71:17-18, and have made the next generation the focus of their outreach.  Together they rejoice that all of their children – and their spouses – walk closely with Jesus. They currently have thirteen grandchildren! These devotionals were originally written for them!


Psalm 71:17–18 

Since my youth, O God, you have taught me, 

and to this day I declare your marvelous deeds.  

Even when I am old and gray, do not forsake me, O God, 

till I declare your power to the next generation, 

your might to all who are to come.


About Family

After 20 years of working with a large home builder, Zach recently started his own business. He and Heather now own their own construction company in central Florida called Diaz Family Homes. They love to travel and spend time with their four children—who are very engaged in sports and love hanging out with their friends.


Gwen's second son, Matt was a major league baseball player and spent 11 seasons in the big leagues. Most of his career was spent with the Atlanta Braves. After several injuries, Matt retired to Lakeland, Florida where he coaches high school baseball and is the Director of Advancement at Lakeland Christian School. He and his wife Leslee have 3 children who love sports and sleepovers.

Ben is also a home builder. He and Lydia recently moved to Orlando where she was raised. They have three daughters who love all things Disney and playing on the beach. They are musical and crafty and full of fun!

Jonny is a Christian musician best known for his chart-topping hits More Beautiful You and Breathe. He continues to write and sing and has just released his 11th album. He lives in the Nashville, Tennessee area where he and his wife Libby own and operate the largest fitness facility in the city and are raising three little gym rats!

Gwen & Ed

son, Matt Diaz, on the Atlanta Braves baseball team

son, Jonny Diaz, well known Christian musician


Gwen's Writing

Gwen started her career as an author by writing a weekly column for the Lakeland Ledger, a New York Times syndicated paper. She also wrote regularly for several national publications.  She is the author of seven books, including The Adventures of Mighty Mom: Here She Comes to Save the Day . . . If Only She Can Find the Keys! This humorous book details some of the crazy experiences she had raising four very active sons. The follow-up book, Mighty Mom’s Secrets to Raising Super Kids, is also filled with fun stories that illustrate biblical principles.


In addition, Gwen has written three books that deal with current biblical and spiritual issues that teenagers face. They are titled Sticking Up for What I Believe, Sticking Up for What Is Right, and Sticking Up for Who I Am. All three books have been recently updated and re-published by Xulon Press. They are being used in Christian schools and youth groups all over the world.


She wrote another book with her youngest son Jonny that is based on the lyrics to his popular Christian song More Beautiful You.  It is an in-depth, fun study of biblical beauty. 

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