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What Others
Are Saying About My Daily Briefing

Thank you so much for the daily Bible readings. My family and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading and learning from them! My 15-year-old son reads every one and has learned so much. 

Kristen (FL, USA)



Absolutely the most comprehensive, theologically sound, easy to follow daily walk through the Bible that an entire family can use, discuss and learn from.

Glen (AL, USA)



I love that your devotional is in email format. I can read it to my kids at night from my phone. We’ve had many interesting conversations. 

Heidi (FRANCE)




My friend sent me the link to "My Daily Briefing".  After one day, I was hooked. I have tried so many times, in different ways to read the Bible & I just get lost & don't understand it.  The daily briefings are written so well that every day I look forward to reading something I can now understand.  Thank You!

June (FL, USA)



I have a new favorite devotional! Can’t wait to read every one! I love the logo - “The Bible just makes sense.” 

Cindy (FL, USA)


You have such an ability to speak in a language people really understand. What a blessing! 

Tim (FL, USA)



Thanks you for this!  . . . You always touch my heart with your words! 

Steve (NC, USA)



I'm really enjoying My Daily Briefing. I've recommended it to many of our Christian students. 




I've always had difficulty reading the Holy Bible like a book.  You have made it sooo much better.

Carl (FL, USA)



There’s really nothing else out there quite like this! 

Becka (MD, USA)


What a great concept and tool!

Larry (TN, USA)


“I have been reading your MDB each day and am enjoying it immensely. I’m learning, while being challenged and blessed. I just love it! Thank u!!!!!” 

Breck, (NC, USA)



I find myself sitting on my phone waiting for 5 AM when it drops each morning! It’s a great way to start the day. 

Jennifer (FL, USA)

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