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About My Daily Briefing

Gwen and grandson, JD

MDB was inspired after searching for a devotional when my oldest grandson, JD was turning 15. We wanted more than just a "thought-for-the-day-plus-a-verse". We wanted something that would help him understand and embrace the story of the Bible. We wanted God’s Word to make sense in his crazy, teenage world. And the idea was birthed!  My Daily Briefing: A Chronological Study Through the Bible

The 365 lessons start in Genesis and chronologically tell the story of the entire Bible. Each event is re-told in modern language and includes its historical and cultural context. The application at the end of each lesson encourages the reader to engage personally. The stories can be read one every day for a year or enjoyed as one continuous narrative. 

I was originally writing for JD and our other grandkids. However, along the way many friends - and friends of friends - heard about it and wanted to receive the lessons as I wrote them. The interest from my readers - across the country and from all different age groups - has prompted me to begin posting daily.  Subscribe now to receive daily emails or follow us on Facebook Instagram or Twitter.