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  • Gwen Diaz

121 - A New King Is Anointed

May 1 - Nº 121 1 Kings 1

As David grew older and weaker, he had difficulty staying warm. It was customary in those days to keep an elderly person warm by having a healthy person lie beside them in the bed. David’s physicians chose a beautiful young lady from Shunem to provide his nursing care and keep him warm. Her name was Abishag. Although she was considered a part of his harem, the king did not have a sexual relationship with her. During this time, Adonijah, David’s oldest living son, decided that he should become the next king. He hired 50 bodyguards and rode through the streets of Jerusalem in a chariot. Joab, David’s chief commander, and Abiathar, the high priest, both aligned themselves with Adonijah. But God had already identified Solomon as the next man to become king of Israel (see 1 Chronicles 22:9-10). Nathan, the prophet, along with Zadok, another priest, were among those who listened to God and backed Solomon. Adonijah hosted a big banquet for himself and invited his supporters. He also invited all his brothers except for Solomon. Nathan heard about the party and informed Bathsheba, Solomon’s mother. He said, “The king doesn’t know what Adonijah is doing. If we don’t tell him and put a stop to this, you and your son will be killed.” Then Nathan told Bathsheba exactly what she should say to King David. So, Bathsheba went into David’s bedroom. She said, “My lord, you promised me that Solomon will be king after you. But Adonijah has now made himself king without you knowing it. Right now, he is hosting a big celebration. Abiathar and Joab are both there. But he has not invited Solomon. All of Israel is waiting for you to announce who will be the next king. If you die without telling them, Solomon and I will be considered criminals and we will die.” At that point, Nathan entered the room and verified her message. David said to Bathsheba, “As surely as the Lord lives, your son Solomon will be the king after me, and it will happen today!” He ordered Nathan and Zadok to gather supporters and escort Solomon on the king’s personal mule to Gihon where Zadok, as a priest, could anoint him. He told them to blow rams horns and shout, “Long live King Solomon!” Then they were to seat Solomon on the throne and declare that David had selected him to be the next king. People at Adonijah’s banquet heard the noise and wondered what was happening. Men rushed in and said, “King David has just made Solomon the new king of Israel!” Everyone quickly left the banquet. They did not want to be identified as supporters of Adonijah, and therefore enemies of the new king. Adonijah was terrified of what Solomon would do to him. So, he ran to the Tabernacle hoping to be safe there. Then he sent a message to Solomon offering to become his slave. “Please promise you won’t kill me,” he begged. Solomon replied, “I won’t kill you if you show me that you are a man of character.” Adonijah humbled himself and bowed down to his brother—honoring him as the new king.

Did you ever plan to obtain something (like a title or a position), but for some reason God chose to give it to someone else? We must gratefully accept the things He gives us and trust Him with the ones He withholds. Trying to grab prestige or power for ourselves can only lead to difficulties and conflict.

121 - A New King Is Anointed
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