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  • Gwen Diaz

265 - A Servant with One Job

SEPTEMBER 22- Nº 265 Luke 19:11-28

There was an air of excitement as Jesus and his entourage continued the last leg of their journey to Jerusalem. No one knew what to expect when they arrived. Despite all that Jesus had told his disciples about his death, they still hoped he would establish himself as the Messiah, set up his throne, and inaugurate his new kingdom. As they climbed the steep hills that led to the city, Jesus told another parable to explain what would really take place. It was about a nobleman who left home and went to a distant country. Just before he left, he called ten of his servants together and gave them each a mina (about three months’ salary). It really wasn’t very much money, but their job was to invest that money in some kind of business venture. When he returned, he expected them to have made a profit. Some of the people in that country hated the nobleman, so they rebelled against him while he was gone. They did everything they could to keep him from coming back! But they couldn’t! Instead, he was given a crown, and he returned as their king to set up his kingdom. One of the first things he did was send for the servants he had trusted with his money. He wanted to find out how much each of them had earned. The first servant responded, “Sir, your mina has earned ten more.” “That’s impressive!” the king replied. “Since you have been trustworthy in this small matter, I will trust you with much more. I will place you in charge of ten cities.” The second servant had been able to use his mina to earn five more. The king was impressed enough to place him in charge of five cities. Then another servant came and handed the king the original mina he had been given. “Sir, here is your mina,” he said. “I was afraid of you because you are a demanding boss. I knew that if I made a profit, you would keep it, and if I lost it, you would be angry. So, I just wrapped it up in a piece of cloth and hid it so it was safe.” The king was angry. “I will judge you by your own words,” he said. “You knew that I was a demanding boss. You knew that I would claim the profit even though I was not the one who earned it. After all it is my money. So why didn’t you at least deposit it? Then when I returned there would have been some interest for me to collect.” He turned to the people around him and said, “Take the mina away from him and give it to the servant who had ten.” “But he already has a lot of minas!” they argued. “True,” the king replied. “And that’s how it will be. Everyone who wisely invests what I give them while I am away, will receive even more as their reward. But those who don’t invest it, will have no reward. And one more thing, bring those enemies who did not want me to be their king at all. They will be put to death.”

We only have one job while Jesus is away! It is to faithfully invest everything God has given us to make a profit for Him. One day we will each stand before Him to give an account of how we invested the gifts and talents He lent to us. Are you using the things God has given you wisely—to make a profit for His kingdom? That is all that will really matter when we stand before Him.

265 - A Servant with One Job
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