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  • Gwen Diaz

218 - Jesus’ First Miracle

AUGUST 6 - Nº 218 John 2:1-11

It was just the beginning of Jesus’ ministry on earth. He and the men who were now following him (see #217 - August 5) were invited to a wedding in Cana, a small town near where Jesus had grown up. So, they left Judea and traveled north into Galilee. In those days, weddings often lasted several days. They took place at the bridegroom’s home and were filled with singing, dancing, praying, and speeches. Whatever else took place, they always involved a large feast and enough wine to last through the whole celebration. Jesus’ mother, Mary, may have had an official role in planning this particular wedding because she became very concerned when the wine ran out before the festivities were over. She anxiously went to Jesus and explained, “They’ve run out of wine!” Before Jesus was born, Mary had known that at some point in his life her son would reveal the fact that he was the Messiah—the Savior who had come to redeem and rescue Israel. Apparently, since he had already begun to set the stage for this disclosure by gathering disciples, Mary thought it was time to let the rest of the world know who he really was. “Dear woman, why do you involve me?” Jesus asked firmly but gently. “My hour has not yet come.” Jesus knew that it was not yet time to publicly proclaim that he was the Messiah. When he did, it would initiate a confrontation that would ultimately lead to his crucifixion. There was a lot he needed to do before then. Although Jesus was not ready to fully reveal who he was, he was willing to help his mother. Mary instructed the servants to do whatever he told them. There happened to be six large stone pots (the kind used for ceremonial cleansing) standing nearby. He instructed the servants to fill them with water. Each one of the pots held about 20-30 gallons, so it was not an easy chore. When they were full, he told them to dip some out and take it to the wine master at the banquet. The servants did what Jesus requested. They were probably not aware of the miracle that had just taken place. When the wine master tasted it, he was puzzled. He called the bridegroom over and asked, “Why have you been hiding this? Everyone brings out the best wine at the beginning of the feast. Then, after the guests have had too much to drink, they bring out the cheaper wine. But you have saved the best for last! This was the first miracle Jesus did as he began to reveal the truth of who he really was. By doing it, he demonstrated his power over creation. And in the process, he turned a stressful situation into one filled with joy. This miracle assured his followers that he really was the Messiah.

Running out of wine would have been a big embarrassment for the groom and his family, but it was hardly a life-or-death situation. Yet Jesus was willing to perform a miracle to solve the problem. God is interested in every aspect of our lives. If it matters to us, it matters to Him. Is there something that bothers you that you have been reluctant to ask Him about? Don’t hesitate any longer. He asks us to bring everything to Him!

218 - Jesus' First Miracle
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