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  • Gwen Diaz

222 - Jesus Stays in Sychar

AUGUST 10 - Nº 222 John 4:27-43

Jesus had just met a woman at a well outside a Samaritan village called Sychar. He had confronted her about her sinful lifestyle and revealed to her that he was the Messiah (see #221 - August 9). Meanwhile, Jesus’ disciples had gone into the town to look for food. It had probably not been an easy task to find kosher food—food that satisfied Jewish laws—in the middle of Samaria. When the disciples finally returned, they were shocked to find Jesus having a conversation with the Samaritan woman. This was highly unusual, and certainly not acceptable for a Jewish rabbi, but they chose not to question him in front of her. The woman suddenly left her water pot and hurried into town. Excitedly, she told everyone about the man she had just met at the well. “Come see a man who told me everything I’ve ever done in my life!” she blurted out. “Surely he must be the Christ!” The people were curious, so they followed her to the well. Meanwhile, the disciples urged Jesus to eat the food they had gone out of their way to provide. His response was puzzling: “I have food to eat that you don’t know anything about.” The disciples wondered if someone (like maybe that unclean Samaritan woman!)had given him something to eat. If so, it certainly wasn’t kosher! Knowing what they were whispering to each other, Jesus shook his head and responded, “My food is to do the will of God. He sent me here for a reason, and I must finish the work He has for me to do.” Jesus knew that the townspeople were approaching as he continued his explanation: “You say we still have four months until harvest. But I say, open your eyes and look at the fields.” By now, the disciples couldn’t help but notice the approaching villagers winding their way through the grain fields on their way to the well. Jesus pointed them out, “See, the fields are ready for harvesting right now! This is the time for the reaper to work hard because this harvest has eternal implications! I am sending you to reap even though you aren’t the ones who sowed. Others have done the hard work, but you will reap the benefits of their labor. Then, together, the one who sowed and the one who reaps can rejoice!” The townspeople were eager to hear for themselves whatever this man had to say, so they invited him to come into town. Jesus and his disciples spent two more days in Sychar. During that time, many villagers came to understand and believe that Jesus was the Messiah, the Son of God. They told the woman, “We no longer believe just because of what you told us. We have heard it for ourselves, and we know that this man truly is the Savior of the world! Many people from Sychar will be in heaven, because a woman, who was well known for her immoral lifestyle, led them to him!

Even though Jesus confronted the woman about her sin, she was so drawn to his honesty and love that she invited everyone she knew to meet him. We do not need to compromise the truth to share God’s love with others. Unless people are aware of their sin, they will never understand their need for a Savior! The truth is everyone is a sinner! Jesus knows everything we’ve ever done in our lives, yet he loved us enough to die for us! We need to share this with others!!

222 - Jesus Stays in Sychar
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