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  • Gwen Diaz

45 - Through the Red Sea

February 14 - Nº 45 Exodus 13:17-15:21

God showed up in a big way during the Israelites’ exodus from Egypt. During the day, He led them from within a large cloud. It rose as a pillar in front of them and spread out overhead to protect them from the intense desert sun. At night, the cloud became a pillar of fire to give them light and provide warmth from the cooler night temperatures. Here’s the point: when they were under the cloud, they were safe! When Pharaoh learned that the Hebrews had left Egypt, he panicked. He realized that he had lost all his slaves. He had no one to make his bricks or build his cities. His stubborn heart grew even harder. He ordered his army, along with six hundred of the best chariots in Egypt, to go after them. He wanted to surround the Israelite people and trap them between the desert and the Red Sea. But God had a plan that would expose His strength and glory—and exterminate Pharaoh’s! When the Hebrews saw the Egyptian army approaching, they were terrified! They called out to God to save them, and they screamed at Moses for interfering in their lives: “Why did you bring us out here to die? Didn’t we ask you to leave us alone?” Moses tried to calm them: “Don’t be afraid. Just watch and see what God is going to do. He is going to fight the Egyptians for you, and you will never see them again.” The cloud that had been leading them stood between the Israelites and the Egyptians. It stayed there all night, giving light to the Israelites, but the Egyptians’ side was dark. God told Moses to lift his staff and stretch his hand over the sea. As Moses obeyed, God sent a strong wind that drove the sea back. The Hebrews were able to walk through the Red Sea on dry land with a wall of water on either side of them. The Egyptians tried to follow, but in the darkness they became confused. Psalm 77:13-20 describes the fierce storm that accompanied the wind God had sent. Lightning flashed and the earth shook and trembled. The wheels on the Egyptians’ chariots became jammed. They couldn’t move! Now, they were the ones who were trapped. Suddenly they realized that God was fighting for His people. But it was too late! Moses stretched out his hand over the sea again, and the walls of water came crashing down. Massive waves pummeled the horses and chariots and swept them out to sea. The entire army that pursued the people of Israel was drowned! When God's people saw what He had done, they believed in Him, and they trusted Moses as their leader—at least for a little while. There was a lot of singing and dancing that day as they celebrated the miraculous victory God had given them. But following Him had not been easy. His path had taken them into the water and through the storm—not around it!

Does the route God is leading you on seem frightening and dangerous? Are you sometimes tempted to scurry back to old familiar places? We need to trust God—He knows where to lead us. The path isn’t always easy, but He promises to go with us through the tough places. He promises victory on the other side.

45 - Through the Red Sea
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