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  • Gwen Diaz

29 - Two Dreams in the Prison

January 29 - Nº 29 Genesis 40

Joseph had been in prison for quite a while when he was joined by two of Pharaoh’s former employees. One was a cupbearer. He had been a high-ranking, high-profile official in the royal court. His chief duty was to personally bring the right wine to the royal table. Due to the constant fear of plots to poison the leader of the nation, the person in this position had to be one of Pharaoh’s most trusted employees. Because of this, the cupbearer was often involved in policy decisions in the royal court. The other new prisoner was Pharaoh’s baker. His position was just as sensitive as the cupbearers; however, he was less involved in court proceedings. Obviously, both men had done something to upset Pharaoh and had been kicked out of the palace. They were now in prison, and it was Joseph’s job to supervise them. One night, both the cupbearer and the baker had puzzling dreams. They knew their dreams were significant, but they couldn’t figure out what they meant. So, they became very depressed. Joseph noticed their gloominess and asked what was wrong. The two men mentioned their disturbing dreams, and Joseph encouraged them to share the details. He promised to ask God to help him interpret them. “After all,” he said, “God is the only One who really knows what they mean.” The cupbearer started, “In my dream, there were three branches on a vine. It soon budded and produced grapes. I squeezed them into Pharaoh’s cup and gave it to him.” God gave Joseph insight and almost immediately he replied, “The three branches are three days. In that time, Pharaoh will give you back your job as cupbearer.” Then he added, “When he does, please ask Pharaoh to set me free. The accusations against me are all false.” He knew the cupbearer would be very influential again and could help him get released. This interpretation excited the baker, and he eagerly shared his dream too. “In my dream I had three baskets on my head. In the top one was all kinds of baked goods for Pharaoh. But the birds kept swooping in and eating them right out of the basket. This time Joseph’s interpretation was not very encouraging. “The three baskets are also three days,” he said. “But in three days, Pharaoh will cut off your head and hang your body outside for the birds to eat.” The interpretations God had revealed to Joseph both proved to be right. Three days later, Pharaoh had a big birthday celebration and invited all his officials—including the cupbearer and the baker. In front of everyone, he gave the cupbearer back his old position. The cupbearer immediately served Pharaoh his wine. However, the baker was put to death—just as Joseph had predicted. Unfortunately, the cupbearer forgot all about Joseph’s request to be set free! Joseph had been forcibly kidnapped by his brothers, spitefully accused by Potiphar’s wife, falsely imprisoned by Potiphar, and now he was forgotten by the cupbearer. Yet he never doubted that God was with him.

When things all around you are dark, are you still able to see God? Does your life light up the darkness for others? Light is most effective when it shines in dark places!

29 - Two Dreams in the Prison
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